Soaring is really all about decision-making, but it’s tough to make brilliant decisions without sufficient information.   In flight, you are surrounded by data of many kinds – that will do you no good unless you LOOK for it and then THINK incisively about what you observe.   The more you look, the more you’ll find, including much that you didn’t know to expect.   Also, too many soaring pilots dismiss – or fail even to notice – the wealth of information available every moment of flight through their combined physical senses.   This is primary information that can be utilized in real time, ALL the time.   If instead you spend your time aloft fooling with your instruments (which provide only secondary information), you’ll tend to fall behind and stay there.   Most importantly, maintaining intimate contact with non-virtual reality is demonstrably more enjoyable and satisfying – and far safer – than keeping your head inside the cockpit.

And after all, isn’t that the point??