Truly, soaring is art in the highest sense (the inescapable pun only frames indisputable reality).   Our advice:   view every flight as a personal adventure or ode or opus, expressing your special relation with our one endless sky HERE AND NOW.  Then go home and sew that one little prize into a mosaic that will comprise your entire soaring career.   You need not aspire to greatness to make it worth your while, but failure to at least strive toward excellence will drag your flying down into mediocraty, or worse.

If you think you could get better at this esoteric art, you’re probably right.   So DO it!  LEARN more.


You could plod along with yourself as instructor and coach…  or seek out a cagy CFIG full of local knowledge and other helpful information who wishes only to pass on all they know to someone who gets it and cares.

Just like when deciding precisely how to work the most critical thermal you’ll ever need, it’s all up to YOU.