This Week’s Seminar: CONTEST FLYING

      Our Saturday Seminar this week will be on the intriguing topic of CONTEST FLYING.  A $10 door charge will be requested for the seminar, after flying at 6:00 P.M.   We’re sending a contingent to Avenal’s annual spring contest this coming month (May 11-15).   Russell will be flying with different guests each day, and all seats are now filled  –  HOWEVER, if you’d like to be on standby let us know.

Airborne Easter

We had our first-ever aerial Easter egg hunt Sunday – what an interesting challenge!   Especially since the eggs were all painted either blue or white.   No one actually found any eggs (intact), though there were a few suspicious deposits on some leading edges at the end of the day.   Next year we’ll remember not to hard-boil them so they’ll float better…

Fair Weather Sailors Unite!

Last weekend we welcomed lots of pilots new to Crystal – and enjoyed the seasonal return of regulars we seldom see in winter.   That trend should continue this week, so if there’s a fellow pilot you’ve not swapped lies with in a while, come on out.   You might find them here…

’tis The SEASON

     It’s official, more or less:  from this point on the calendar, we can expect soarable conditions of one kind or another EVERY SINGLE DAY all the way into October.

     Our spring series of seminars will continue this Saturday (Apr 16), on the topic of Speed-To-Fly.   Russell plans to propose an interesting choice between different methods.  RSVP is requested, plus a donation of $10.