HBGC = ?

     The first-ever meeting for the formation of our Happy Bottom Gliding Club will be held in the lounge at 10:00 A.M. on Saturday morning, October 8.   Dan Nunes is heading up the effort to get the club started and organize the meeting.       Please RSVP if you plan to attend.   For questions or comments, contact Dan directly via e-mail:
     A brief On-Line Survey has been created to assess the level of interest in creating such a club.  We encourage you to take the survey as the results from it will help us be better prepared for this meeting.   Please take a moment to fill out the survey by clicking on the link below:

CONDOR Sighting!!

Yes, last Monday over our San Gabriel Mountains, Stewart Ayote soared with a CONDOR close enough to see its wonderfully grotesque red face.   So far as anyone around here knows, it’s the first (only) such sighting in many decades – if ever!

Wounded Warriors II

This past Tuesday (Sept. 13) we hosted another group of  injured soldiers back from Iraq and Afghanistan.   They and their guests all took glider rides and had a wonderful time – but we enjoyed meeting and flying with them just as much!   Many thanks also to those who volunteered with ground handling, food and such:   Chris Mannion, Jim Lewis, John Halcrow, Stewart Ayotte, Harry & Melinda Wuenstal, Tim Tourtillot, Kevin Mather, Bill Cooper and Robert Settle.

More Diamonds

Last Saturday, Squadron pilots flew a number of diamond distance flights, the furthest of which was Dave Raspet, 440 miles to Susanville, California.   Our typically GREAT soaring conditions were late to begin this year – will they last later as well?