Runaway Runway

An unusually powerful thunderstorm caught us late last Saturday, the downpour pushing part of our dirt strip onto the pavement as mud.    That hadn’t happened in several years, thankfully, because it always requires a few hours of hard labor to restore the runway.   (We had it fixed by midmorning the next day.)

Crystal Derby Results

Our first ever Crystal Derby was well received last Sunday.   The first seven finishers (handicapped) were:  Jim Lewis, Kevin Mather, John Shmoldas, Frank Norton, Britton Bluedorn, John Mills and Ian Brubaker.   Many thanks to Kevin Mather for organizing the event,  and we look foreward to other, similar ‘funtests’ in coming months and years!


On Sunday (July 24) we’ll be hosting a just-for-fun contest around a short course in our local mountains and desert, followed by the uusual barbecue.   You can fly the race in your own plane, or in one of ours – with or without an instructor.   To compete, you’ll need to attend the pilots’ meeting at 9:AM.  For details contact Kevin Mather:<>

Three Diamonds

The Crystal Squadron hit its stride last Saturday, with Dave Raspet, Sean Eckstein and Karl Sommer all soaring 352 miles to Austin, NV (it was Karl’s 169th diamond distance flight after struggling low along the way).   Congratulations, guys!