Wounded Warriors

We’ll be giving introductory rides to a group of wounded soldiers today, in contribution to their recovery.   It’s part of a new program we’re initiating, to provide access to soaring for paraplegics.   We anticipate a strong learning curve at first – but then that’s what soaring is all about!

Big WX

Thursday, July 7:   CONGRATULATIONS  to Peter Kovari and Dave Raspet for their diamond flights to Fernley, NV last Saturday – a distance of over 360 miles!

    For several daze now we’ve seen big cumulus rumbling around the mountains and desert, with the very sparse lightning and highly localized downpours typical of what people here call ‘monsoon’ weather.   So far nothing but huge lift here at Crystal –  and more expected for the next few…

Muster the Troops

Last Saturday, Mike Koerner flew diamond distance to Hurricane, Utah – and this Saturday we can expect a full contingent of Crystal Squadron members to take advantage of much better cross-country soaring conditions. 

Check out this great photo of Mike Reagan soaring near the summit of Mt. Baden Powell:

View From The Top

     Last Saturday, Mike Koerner soared diamond distance (as usual) to Hurricane, Utah.

     Check out this kool photo of Mike Reagan in his SparrowHawk, taken by a hiker from the top of Mt. Baden Powell: