Congratulations to Susan Bell, who got her commercial glider rating this past Monday!

So now what?  Because this awful Santa Ana fire weather has all been blowing down from the north and east, up here in the desert we’ve not seen even a bit of the smoke.  We should expect several more days of the same, with temperature gradients essentially preventing useful thermal activity, but if that wind is northerly enough, ideal slope soaring conditions will prevail, and again, more bow wave.


As if we didn’t already have character enough, we’re scheduled to build some more again this week.  The weather will officially be so-so (a rarely used technical term), with variable winds and sporadic cloudiness.  Stronger than predicted southerly wind could bring wave, and the dynamic between areas of sun and shadow might spawn thermals around the second ridge.  See SOARING IS LEARNING, below, for details…


First, Happy Thanksgiving and CONGRATULATIONS to John Pallidino, who flew his first glider solos last weekend — now comes the fun part!

So anyway, we’ve been building lots of character lately, whether we wish to or not, and it might continue this week as well.  We’ll see more pleasant days of partly to mostly with comfy temps and…  thermals, not so much, except maybe Saturday in the mountains.  Sunday on the other hand might be a wave day.  We won’t be holding a vote on that, you’ll just have to wait and see what Gaia decides.


This week will turn out much like last week did, perfect gardening weather with lots of partly to mostly and light westerly breezes.  The sunniest will be Saturday, they say, with 3 or 4-knot thermals rising to somewhere above pattern altitude, more or less.  And so on.

Also this news:  complaints about the heat are no longer being accepted.