First thing, we’ll be closed this Sunday only, so everyone can spend Easter however they wish, just because.

Next, we’ve been remiss in forgetting to congratulate Larry Harris for passing his glider check ride some few weeks ago…  way to go, Larry!

Now for the coming week:  Expect some of the best thermal conditions so far this year on Friday, a probable return to wave on Saturday, egg roll on Sunday, and Monday, back to thermals.



After a cool and windy week, wave season may be ending today as a warming trend begins that will extend into the foreseeable future. Light winds and improved temperature gradient will push our thermals finally a bit above mountaintop height this weekend. (Everything else comes later…)



Here it is April 4th (no fooling), and our thermals have rarely gone as high as ten thousand MSL so far this year. Ah, but it’s only early, right? Well…

April 2nd in the year 2000, I went cross-country at fourteen-five and climbed that high again after returning home, just to say so. A couple weeks later in 2001, we did two days out and back at seventeen-five! Ancient history? Beginning to seem like it.

More than ten years ago an old-timer from the El Mirage days who still remains active said he hadn’t seen a good soaring season in fifteen years, acknowledging a trend (back then) of declining dynamics all around this area that continues to the present.

Oh this is still the best year-round soaring site in North America, just not as fantastic as before… Before what?

We have two main components to work with, Earth and Sky. The ground hasn’t changed appreciably in thousands of years, so what is it that’s different about the air?

Just askin’.


The coming week will bring lots of springlike partly to mostly, with pleasantly light winds each day. Thermal potential is still limited to about mountaintop height, but both Saturday and Sunday are forecast to come from the northeast, which is one of our favorite directions, pushing those baby thermals up against the mountains where they always rise higher…