The coming week will be our last days of operation for the remainder of this year, after which we’ll go on hiatus a while for maintenance (and recuperation). We’ll be closed from Tuesday, December 17 through Friday, January 10, and will reopen on Saturday, January 11, 2020. You can still reach us through this website to purchase gift certificates, even after the holidays for that matter.

Here’s wishing everyone the very best of whichever holidays you celebrate, and we look forward to resuming normal operations after these shortest days start growing longer again.


Expect more winterlike weather over the next few days, including more cloudiness than usual but little additional precip. If the forecast is accurate, we have a good chance of classic wave for the weekend followed by its counterpart, bow wave, on Monday.



There may not be enough lipstick in the whole world to cover the lips on this pig. After big wave on Friday (and crosswind galore), we have a surprisingly winterlike couple of weeks coming up.  High temps will hover around 40 F through the coming weekend, and then 50 or so for several days after that.  We get so much perfect weather here at Crystal, it’s time for a brief glimpse of what everybody else sees as normal for this time of year.  Gobble gobble.


We’ll have a different look this coming week, with the first deposit of fresh snow on our mountains! A present cloudy spell is scheduled to break for the weekend, and Santa Ana conditions will prevail through the period, ending any rain and bringing northerlies and possibly one of our favorite winter conditions, bow wave!