This will be our last week of operations for 2018. Light winds and balmy is the forecast for Saturday and Sunday, with a beautiful dusting of new snow on the mountains that will likely stay from now till spring.
We thank all our staff and friends, volunteers, contributors, and of course regular flyers, for another year of everything. It is a team sport after all, and you’re who make us who we are.
All the best of Festivus to ye (or whichever holiday’s your choice), we’ll be back on Friday, January 11 to do it again. And guess what? By then the days will be, well, measurably longer than they are now…


Kudos to Mark McCurley, who passed his commercial glider check ride last week!

Now we move into the month-long period of shortest days and longest nights.  Two days of occasional rain will come to an end by Friday, and it’s always so beautiful after a storm!  Expect fair skies and very light wind the next few days (warming to all the way up to 60 degrees F on Sunday!) with soarable lift definitely in the ‘character building’ category…


Last week, 14-year old Frankie Fremont flew his first solo flights on Saturday and then doubled down on that the next day! Only the first of what he expects will be a long career in aviation.
Don’t look now, but summer’s really over even in the Mojave. According to one forecast, temperatures this weekend may be peaking in the fifties. Plenty of wind midday too, to keep thermals from even starting to form.
So what to do? If wind’s from the south, we’ll have WAVE, but it’s expected to be westerly. Best bet this week will be our trusty Work Camp and probably all along the Second Ridge.


We had an old hymn in the church where I grew up, “Count your many blessings, name them one by one.” Sorry, there are way too many for the time available. Count the stars and divide by one. This season however, actually thousands of SOCAL families face the holidays without… their homes, or maybe even a change of clothes. Imagine what that’s like!

There are many ways to help these desperate folks, too many to mention here, and we at SCSA encourage everyone to do all you can, not just this week but for the coming months to help fire victims in whatever way possible. After all, what else are the Holidays really for? And if we don’t help, who will?

As for us, the lucky ones, we’ll be closed Friday, Nov 23, but back at it Saturday the 24th.