First, Congratulations to Joe Curtis, who passed his commercial glider check ride last weekend, and to Katie Hetland who flew her first solo!
The humid, sometimes cloudy weather that began last weekend is scheduled to continue at least through Sunday.  Light westerlies will feed plenty of thermal activity of course, up to 12,000 feet or so, with only slight chance of an occasional shower.


In some parts of the world, ‘monsoon’ means low clouds and heavy rain, so no, we’re not calling for that.  What folks around here call monsoon weather amounts to comparatively more (high) cloudiness than the usual solid blue – plus a bit of heightened humidity.  That’s it.  So we won’t see any rain at all in this ‘monsoon’, except maybe during a stray thunderstorm.  But we will see our share of robust thermal activity throughout, and that’s the important part…   See you soon!


Yes, ’tis the season.  We can expect warming temperatures and improved thermal soaring through the weekend, even a touch of ‘monsoon’ conditions with cumulus marking the best lift, and on Saturday maybe a brief spell of overdevelopment in the mountains.  Midsummer daydream!


First kudos for John Heston who passed his initial private glider check ride last weekend, and Joe Cappa who earned a private add-on.  Now comes the fun part!


This coming weekend should be a good one.  Temperatures will be going back up (surprise surprise), with light westerlies filling tall thermals but nary a cumulus in sight.


See you soon!