One of America’s soaring patriarchs that called Crystal home is the late Irv Prue, who, along with two sailplanes of his design, is justly enshrined in the Soaring Museum Hall of Fame.  Irv was also known for brashly claiming, “You can always find lift at Crystal.”  That’s usually true of course, but… always?  These days, nobody brags more than me about how great the soaring can be here, but… always?   I had the honor of knowing Irv before he passed on to that big soaring site in the sky, and one time I challenged him about his boast.  On that day of course there were fluffy cumulus everywhere, so with an ironic smile he challenged me to prove him wrong.  I failed.

The coming week I’ll be wishing Irv were still with us, demonstrating precisely where to tow and how to fly, so I could prove him right again.  Short of that, we can expect cool temps, light westerlies and lift of the character building variety.  Bring a sense of humor plus your inner Prue if you’ve got one, and who knows what might happen?


Congratulations!  Daniel Durbin and Evan Dansereau passed their glider check rides last Monday.

Twenty two years ago today was my first November living at Crystal – and we woke to a solid foot of overnight snow!  While that probably won’t happen this week, we will get a taste of ‘seasonable’ weather, including afternoon temps in the sixties, more clouds than usual and, wait for it, the unofficial start of WAVE season will depend on just how southerly and how strong the wind is…


The coming week will bring bright sun each day and light winds from one direction or another…  That plus surface temps in the low eighties means we can count on some of the year’s most pleasant weather, perfect for training and practice flights.  If you hope to get very high, however, this is one week you may want to bring a ladder.



Look for a mixed bag his coming week, with strong west wind on Friday (think beaucoup lift at the work camp) followed by a shift to northeast after that.  The weather service is calling for cool and cloudy on Saturday, but our patron saint Dr. Jack says full sun.  Either way, if the northeast flow includes mostly north we can expect favorable conditions near the mountains, and if it’s mostly east… bring your own lift.  Remember, you’ve been spoiled by six months of summer, and now it’s time to be spoiled by a few weeks of sweet autumn weather.  Enjoy it while you can.