The coming week will feature thermal conditions that are fairly ordinary for here in midsummer, which is to say pretty darn good. Light westerlies combined with the usual southerly flow over our mountains should generate convergence lift and some big cumulus, but little chance of overdevelopment.
Look on our SOARING IS LEARNING page below for last Saturday’s Crystal Squadron adventures, in which Karl Sommer and Barry McGarraugh soared diamond distance to Gabbs, NV and Peter Kovari returned to action with a 152-mile hop to Lone Pine, CA.


We’re into the height of midseason now, with essentially perfect soaring conditions every day.  The coming week will probably be entirely cloudless, so you’ll need to find those thermals by braille…  Last week, six pilots flew cross-country from Crystal, two for the very first time.  Their write-ups of those adventures are all included below on our SOARING IS LEARNING page.


It’ll be hotter each day this week again, through Saturday anyway.  Some forecasts are calling for a degree of cloudiness on Saturday, which will probably amount to very high cumulus development – and (they say) no rain…

Again, our SOARING IS LEARNING page, below, will feature stories of Crystal Squadron flights from the prior week — we’ll get caught up eventually.


This week our thermal soaring potential will peak on Saturday, the way the Almighty intended.  And it will be terrific.  Some cloud development should provide shade but virtually no chance of precipitation.

We’re still a week behind on cross-country narratives from our Crystal Squadron, and probably won’t catch up until the season winds down.  Below, on our SOARING IS LEARNING page, are three stories from the last week of June.