Well, that brutal heat wave is over and we can expect pretty standard summer conditions through the coming week, meaning temps in the nineties with (hopefully) moderate westerly winds.  Thermal activity will be more than ample every day despite quite possibly no cumulus at all.

We’re still caught in a time warp, getting info on the previous week’s X-C activity a bit too late for publication, so on our SOARING IS LEARNING page below you’ll see write-ups of how the Squadron fared week before last – and we’ll get caught up on that when the time warp smooths out…


Last week was about as good as it gets for thermal potential, and some Squadron members did go cross-country, but we haven’t yet heard exactly how they did.  You’ll find out when we do.  The coming week should be very similar, meaning big tall thermals and not much wind.  We’ve just passed through a midweek of near-record high temps, which will drop only slightly over the next few days, so you can leave your jacket at home.



Last week was unusually winter like, with wave supplanting thermals and gloriously cool temperatures.  Now that’s going to change.  Every day will be warmer than the one before, well into the middle of next week, which corresponds with the longest days and highest sun of the year.  Our Crystal Squadron got skunked last Saturday, but this time they should be able to make up for it…


Last week the up-and-down cycle of weather peaked in time for Saturday and three pilots soared Diamond Distance, east into two different states:  Mike Koerner 435 miles to Richfield, UT; Sean Eckstein 322 miles to Williams, AZ; and Karl Sommer 314 miles to Hurricane, UT.  All three tell their stories in our SOARING IS LEARNING page, below.

That temperature cycle will be cooling again through this coming weekend, with a decent chance of WAVE, believe it or not, peaking this time on Sunday.