Once again, the coming week will bring soaring conditions that are unremarkable for this great site, but plenty good compared to locales where most people fly.  Compare what Dr. Jack offers for Saturday:  in the northwest, 5-Kt thermals to 8000 ft;  in the midwest and Florida, 4 Kts to 4000;  and in jolly old New England, essentially no thermals at all.  Meanwhile, we can expect 7-Kt thermals on Saturday, to (only) 12,000 .  And all with lite winds and temps around ninety…  Aw shucks!

And BTW, kudos to the Squadron guys for making a go of it last weekend despite not being guaranteed diamond distance.  That’s why they call it a sport!  (See Echo Sierra’s and Papa Kilo’s stories in SOARING IS LEARNING, below.


We had a tow pilot once who loved to complain about the weather – which I always answered the same way:  “Most of the time here at Crystal we don’t even have weather!”

Well that’s going to be true again this week, with wall to wall thermals, few clouds and almost no wind except the usual mid-afternoon breeze.  Also, as often happens, the hottest day is scheduled for Saturday.  So again, our biggest problem is having nothing to complain about!



After a midweek spell of cloudiness and ‘monsoon’ humidity, the coming week should bring us back to typical thermal conditions, meaning light westerlies, full sun and probably no cumulus at all.  Temperatures peaking in the low nineties will feel noticeably more comfy than last week’s hundred plus.

Below, on our SOARING IS LEARNING page you’ll find two more stories of Crystal Squadron cross-country flights from last week, but first a short piece from one of our longtime regulars announcing his initiation as a ‘cadet’…


The coming week will feature thermal conditions that are fairly ordinary for here in midsummer, which is to say pretty darn good. Light westerlies combined with the usual southerly flow over our mountains should generate convergence lift and some big cumulus, but little chance of overdevelopment.
Look on our SOARING IS LEARNING page below for last Saturday’s Crystal Squadron adventures, in which Karl Sommer and Barry McGarraugh soared diamond distance to Gabbs, NV and Peter Kovari returned to action with a 152-mile hop to Lone Pine, CA.