First kudos for John Heston who passed his initial private glider check ride last weekend, and Joe Cappa who earned a private add-on.  Now comes the fun part!


This coming weekend should be a good one.  Temperatures will be going back up (surprise surprise), with light westerlies filling tall thermals but nary a cumulus in sight.


See you soon!


We’ve had a delightfully coolish spring season this year, and paid for it with below normal thermal activity.  That may be about to end.  We can expect temps in the high nineties this coming weekend, moderated by westerly wind each day.   Don’t expect any shade, though.  According to our patron saint Dr. Jack, cumulus cloud base will be so high that if you do see a cloud it’ll be marking very powerful lift indeed!


Believe it or not we’re due for another cooling spell, right through the weekend.  That will accompany a solid flow of southerly wind, and perhaps more and better wave than we had all winter.  It may not be marked by clouds of any kind, so you need to know where to look (hint:  DEVIL’S PUNCHBOWL).  And there won’t be any complaining about the heat!



We are very sad to report that our good friend, long time soaring compatriot and founding board member of the Soaring Academy, passed away as a result of a traffic accident in Arkansas this past week.  Ron Gregg learned to fly here in the 1960’s, was part owner of the outfit in the ’70s, and also served as tow pilot for countless pilots launching from Crystal over the years since then.  He was an integral part of the fabric here, and will forever be missed.  Thanks for everything, Ron!


The weather this coming week will be fairly ordinary at Crystal, temps only in the eighties with lightish west winds and thermals up above the mountaintops.