How embarrassing!  The the information I used for discussion of this weekend’s weather was for the other side of the country…  Turns out this weekend will be the best for thermals so far this season at Crystal, hands down.  Come and get it!

Saw the feature on ABC about our Wounded-Veteran-Glider-Program — how about that!



First, last Monday Lulu Ito passed her check ride for a Private Glider certificate. So happy for you, Lulu! We hope you’ve enjoyed being here as much as we loved having you.

This particular month of May may come and go without anything close to hot weather here in the Mojave Desert, even as the overall planet and its oceans continue warming at record rates. For now though, our near future will include lots of partly to mostly with moderate thermal activity— and even a good chance of wave if southerly winds pick up.



Last week was a good one, and better than good for some.  We celebrated the first solo flight of Lulu Ito, our charming guest from Japan!

Now, one more week of unseasonably cool weather is on the way, that will be warmest over the weekend with thermals well up over the mountaintops.  Then by Monday a pulse of energy from the Pacific may bring the season finale of WAVE..  (probably not, but you never know)…



Yesterday, May 9, was the best thermal day of the year so far here at Crystal, with cumulus up around 14,000 feet. Tragically it was a Wednesday and no one went soaring. Now we recline into probably the last cool period of this season, trading two-mile high thermals for one more week or so of sweet not-too-hot desert afternoons.
To a graybeard that’s welcome news, but for those who crave suffering, have no doubt, the hot stuff’s a-coming!