Welcome to Autumn!  The change came quickly this past week, and now it’s official.  Our days will start growing shorter than our nights, but consistent thermal conditions should continue on a daily basis for most another month.  It will be downright cool tomorrow (Friday), the coolest in who knows how long, with ample sun and temps gradually warming again the rest of this coming week.  Recent strong westerlies will give way to a week of easterlies, and if they’re northerly enough perhaps a day or two of a Crystal specialty:  bow wave.



Temperatures have really dropped off lately, as only one week remains before the last official day of summer.  Within that, we’ll see a mild ‘warming’ trend for the weekend (all the way up to the low eighties) and thermals not much higher than our local mountaintops.

Last weekend, two Crystal Squadron stalwarts made a run north under comparatively low ceilings.  Their adventures are presented below.  Though neither captured the coveted Diamond, make special note of each story’s final line…


Hard to believe it’s now only two weeks from the official end of summer, though of course we can still expect nearly two more months of fine thermal soaring just about every single day. There will be a cooling trend through this weekend however, and a forecast of south flow could even mean WAVE…


We’ve had actual humidity lately, building big clouds and reducing total sunlight – but plenty of robust thermal activity nonetheless.  The coming weekend will warm to about 100 F, with more welcome shade coming from the mountains and some chance of overdevelopment each afternoon.  Last week the Crystal Squadron flew north up the Sierras, with three pilots reaching Austin, NV, 352 miles away.  Their stories are featured below.