Recently, from a rogue rotor in the middle of nowhere, in typically whispered fashion Gaia bestowed the following counsel.  For whatever speed you’re flying a particular level of white noise will exist.  Think of this as your aural baseline.  When you enter lift it gets louder and in sink it goes quiet.  Of course we all know to fly fast in sink and slow up only for lift, so by simply observing the ambient sounds of your aircraft and adjusting pitch attitude to hold the decibel level even you activate Gaia’s audio variometer (syncopated perfectly with that silent music of the inner ear).  Gaia’s tones are pleasant and soothing, unlike those annoying bleeps and burps of electric audios that are about as fun as hearing a phone ring all day.  Her natural audio is a truly wonderful tool, but there’s one problem:  it’s guaranteed never to work for you – unless you TRY IT!