Hurrah, we’re on the threshold of the two best months for thermal soaring, so come and get it.  And now we have our annual Owens Valley trip coming up too!

Here’s important info for all private pilots wanting to bring your glider to Bishop:

We will be giving tows Friday through Sunday July 15th-17th at Bishop Airport (no tows on Monday.)

To receive a tow from us in Bishop you must contact our office during our regular business hours Fri-Mon 9am-5pm before Monday July 11th and make a deposit to cover the cost of your tows at Bishop.  We’ll be charging our regular tow prices plus a $75 premium per tow.  No money will be exchanged or charged at Bishop and no tows will be given unless you’ve contacted us directly re your intention to receive tows from us and are on our pre-approved list of pilots.  Our tow pilots will be towing only those on the pre-approved list.  We will need your call sign, e-mail and cell phone number.