How NOT To Make Enemies


*  Never put your hand on the clear part of anyone’s canopy 


*  Don’t even touch someone else’s sailplane unless you’e sure they want you to, and when volunteering to help them rig it or move it, always ask how they want it done.


*  Some people will sit on a wing root or step over a tail boom – on their own planes.   But you shouldn’t do such things to someone else’s ship unless you see them do it first.


*  When helping to assemble a sailplane, wash it, move it, or when just hanging around, avoid accidentally scratching any part of any aircraft with zippers, buckles, finger rings, the rivets of jeans, etc.


*  Before leaving a cockpit that will be occupied by others, clean house. Remove anything that doesn’t belong there (lens caps, wrappers, crumbs, debris from shoe soles, etc.)