If You Must STARE, STARE outside, not in.

Wondering why that variometer always seems to read down more than up?   It’s because you’re not looking where the vital data is – OUTSIDE!   News flash:   avionix cannot produce lift.    Besides, they’re inaccurate much of the time.   (Did you know that varios will read incorrectly when you’re slipping or skidding?   All the more reason to watch the yaw string instead of the instrument panel.)   There are, after all, many kinds of more useful information all around you.   For example, the sound of airdlow is louder in lift and quieter in sink – but that important info is obscured by an audio beeper/buzzer/door chime/noisemaker.   It’s like ignoring whispers from your lover so you can concentrate on listening to the phone ring all day.)   Soaring is supposed to be enjoyable.   Cultivate your physical perceptions and you won’t even need a variometer (think of the money you could save!)