Lots of Reasons to CELEBRATE

We applauded two more first solos this past week.  Sunday it was Hiroyuki Nakayama (Hero for short), and on Monday, Larry Allen.  Congratulations guys!  Now comes the fun part…

It’s still ‘technically’ winter, but we’ve reached that magic time of year when you can expect good thermal soaring every single day – unless there’s a rogue wave blowing.  This coming week in particular, as light wind flows in from different directions each day and the desert air swells with increased energy, we’re apt to see resurgent shearline conditions – who’ll be this season’s first pilot to wander back from Mt. Baldy ??

Our Crystal Reunion is now only three weeks away, on Saturday, April 6.   Those wishing to attend the Crystal Reunion on Saturday April 6th must RSVP directly with Carol Fagan by e-mailing her:  carolfagan@antelecom.net