More CONGRATS: Something New Something Old

Last week was a busy one on the flight line – we soloed four new students.  First was Ben Diachun (he also flew four different gliders in only two days).  Then in short order, Sequoia Chun (17 years old), Ben Markus and Cyrus Sigari all flew their first glider solos.

And now for the old, something guaranteed to further motivate our newgies.  Last Saturday, Karl Sommer and Dave Raspet both soared 352 statue miles to Austin, NV.  It’s another very interesting story, this time Karl’s turn to tell.  Read it below in SOARING IS LEARNING.

The coming week should offer some very interesting skies.  Each day since last Monday the lift above our mountains and desert has been well marked by cumulus – and no overdevelopment.  Moderate lift under these clouds (‘only’ 6kts to 10K or higher) is most easy to enjoy under convenient shade streets that lead in almost every direction…     Now it appears the same conditions will prevail for several more days, with only minor chance of a storm.