Celebrants this past week at Crystal were Ira Steinberg who finished his glider rating, and ATP pilot Peter Applegate who flew his first glider solo.  Welcome to the family, guys!


This coming week promises conditions fairly ordinary for here, which is to say fine blue thermals more or less on demand.   Once again the best day will probably be Saturday (and don’t tell anyone, but there may be a chance of some unseasonable wave late Saturday).   Shearlines into the desert also are likely in the usual places each afternoon – if you can follow them without the aid of cumulus…


These are now the longest days of the year, with the highest sun angles.  That means the earliest good lift of the year, and if winds are light late in the day we often enjoy wonderful, wide areas of smooth thermal uplift all around the airport right up until sunset.

Viva la  MILK & HONEY!