Once again, the coming week will bring soaring conditions that are unremarkable for this great site, but plenty good compared to locales where most people fly.  Compare what Dr. Jack offers for Saturday:  in the northwest, 5-Kt thermals to 8000 ft;  in the midwest and Florida, 4 Kts to 4000;  and in jolly old New England, essentially no thermals at all.  Meanwhile, we can expect 7-Kt thermals on Saturday, to (only) 12,000 .  And all with lite winds and temps around ninety…  Aw shucks!

And BTW, kudos to the Squadron guys for making a go of it last weekend despite not being guaranteed diamond distance.  That’s why they call it a sport!  (See Echo Sierra’s and Papa Kilo’s stories in SOARING IS LEARNING, below.