THIS WEEK The weather service has upgraded the outlook this weekend with temps a few degrees higher than expected. It will be beautiful warm spring weather in the high desert. Wind will be gentle to calm on some days. Thermals will definitely be ON. Spring thermals are finicky and much smaller than our summer boomers. Good time to sharpen your skills on finding and centering.

Dr. Jack is forecasting lift up to 400 FPM at the field Friday and Saturday.

LAST WEEK Several pilots stayed aloft in our local area for flights up to 5 hours. They reported it was a lot of work to wring lift out of the weak spring-like thermals but rewarding flying nonetheless. We anticipate this weekend will be an improvement over last.


The National Weather Service is predicting the following local surface conditions for Friday through Monday:

Sunny, Temperature: 71 degrees.
Wind: Southwest 5 – 10 mph.

Sunny, Temperature: 70 degrees
Wind: Calm and variable to 5 mph.

Sunny, Temperature: 69 degrees
Wind: Northwest 10 to 15 mph.

Sunny, Temperature: 71 degrees
Wind: Northwest 10 mph.

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