SOARING FORECAST, MAY 25 to 28, 2012


Some interesting spring weather conditions will arrive and depart this period as a quick low pressure system passes through. It will quickly heat up to above normal temps by Sunday and Monday though… Expect there will be some breezy but welcome west wind on Friday and Saturday as the low system passes by. I am quite sure we’ll have some nice wave both days with the welcome westerlies on the nose (runway 25) helping the landing evolutions.

The weather will quickly turn back to hot and dry summer thermal conditions Sunday and Monday with gentle breezes and commensurate high temps.

A smorgasbord of nice soaring conditions with some wave tossed in is on tap this period.

The thermal conditions and high temps made for some easy cross country soaring. Brian Neff succeeded in his 5 hour endurance in his DG-300. He was very determined and in fact refused to come back to the field when he was very low but close to his endurance goal. Objective completed he was forced to land at Apple Valley Airport with a retrieve by the Crystal ground crew. Congratulations! Mike Koerner launched around noon and popped back to the field at 6:30 pm after everyone had tied down and gone home. Crystal Squadron flew straight out to 29 Palms. We chatted with them after they trailered their ships back to the field at dusk.


The National Weather Service is predicting the following local surface conditions for Friday through Monday:

Sunny. Temperature: 65 degrees.
Wind: Southwest 10 to 20 mph.

Sunny, Temperature: 69 degrees
Wind: West 20 mph. Breezy.

Sunny, Temperature: 79 degrees
Wind: North 10 mph.

Sunny, Temperature: 84 degrees
Wind: Southwest 10 to 15 mph.

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