Last week’s weather was mild enough for December, but altogether the cloudiest period this scribe has seen here in the Mojave.   Now, after a brief respite of sun the weather’s returning with another storm for Friday morning.   The wave that invariably accompanies such events will be lost to us this time, coming before the rain Thursday and embedded in the rain early Friday.   So now we wait for post-frontal convective activity which, this time of year, might mean thermals over the desert to six thousand feet or so, Saturday and beyond.

And lest we forget, CONGRATULATIONS to John Skikas,  who flew his first glider solo last Friday.  (More where that came from!)

And lest you forget, we’ll be closed after Monday, Dec 16 through the holidays, reopening on Jan 2.   If we don’t see you in the next few days we’ll see you in the new Year!