The Work Camp WORKS

A number of variables combine to make our Work Camp a sweet spot.  It lies at the upper end of a sun-facing ridge collecting air warmed within a long, straight canyon.  On one side it’s adjacent to vertical relief of four thousand feet, while low passes in the opposite direction encourage additional air flow from different winds, potentially adding power to lift already there.  All winter, in light winds or west winds the Work Camp can offer anything from small clusters to fat boomers plus handy convergence, in lines as often as not.  One good climb at the work camp avails higher terrain to the east, south and west – or worst case you’re only six nautical miles from Crystal airport.

So, if you can stay up, can you get away?  And if you get away, will you get back to the Work Camp or need to retreat and land?  Making the most of weak winter days involves more diverse conditions and techniques than summer and can be as challenging as you wish, each moment honing your skills for every soaring day thereafter.