Some things even you can’t buy. You have to earn them for free.
It’s only natural that pilots approve of technology, but many become addicted to always having the latest device and forget they became aviators in the first place because they love flying. Each time some new technical marvel appears I wonder, will it enhance our joys and fulfillment or put us further out of touch from the direct experience we sought as rookies?

Electric toothbrush, motorized windows, music amplified to deafening levels. What’s next, turbo powered toilet paper? Won’t that be neat!
Failing to climb in a thermal does not mean I have to pay thousands more for fancier gadgets or tens of thousands for a slicker ride. It means I should work on my thermaling. I don’t need a machine to tell me how I’m doing and what to do next. What I need are deeper awareness of actual reality, smarter decision making and improved techniques.

Results! I have gotten a lot of results.
I know several thousand things that won’t work.

Thomas Edison

Results? Can’t check my PDA to see how much fun this is ‘cause I don’t own one. Maybe I can find out for myself.
Secret: that is the fun part.