When summer comes this column will again feature reports from individuals in the Crystal Squadron on their weekly straight-out cross-country flights, but that probably won’t be happening for another month or so. Meanwhile we welcome any of you, our readers, to contribute stories or other useful information that the rest of us might enjoy. Bottom line, it’s all about learning.

You don’t have to be a high time aviator for your thoughts and words to be of value; newbies and even first-timers may have something to offer that the rest of us should think about. Whether it’s cautionary, technical, critical, inspirational, if there’s something we’d all like to see, please email it to: office@soaringacademy.org

Of course we may not publish everything you send us, and we’ll retain the privilege of editing it as necessary, but if you’re a reader you’re a member of this forum. Again, send any comments about today’s e-mail and your future stories/articles to: