On behalf of all of us at the Soaring Academy our hearts go out to all those impacted by COVID-19, especially the first responders and everyone who’s jobs have been impacted. We are committed to doing our part to keep the community safe, by remaining closed per federal and state guidelines. We can all make a difference right now by staying home.

You can expect to hear from us every week with our “Soaring-is-Learning” e-mail, where we will continue to provide stories and tips to add to your aviation toolbox. We’re still here to answer your questions, so feel free to e-mail us at office@soaringacademy.org

We believe that when this crises passes, people will have a new outlook on life and want to be outdoors and in the air. When that occurs, Soaring Academy will be there to support and cheer everyone on! We promise to keep you updated on our operational status as we learn more in the days and weeks ahead. We miss you all and can’t wait till we can open our doors and welcome you back at Crystal and in the air! For our friends around the world, stay safe and healthy and please know we appreciate your support. You can follow us at: www.facebook.com/SoaringAcademy and www.Instagram.com/SoaringAcademy

As always, please check out our favorite Soaring Podcast:   www.soaringthesky.com
And for fun check this out (recommended by one of our tow pilots):  https://www.fighterpilotpodcast.com/