Dear all,

It is time again to dream about long and successful cross country flights in the summer, as we get deeper into the “dark ages” or in other words the off season.

Last year a few of us ventured up the Owens Valley and beyond, set foot on more than a few strange places, and had some giggles along the way.

We could certainly repeat the same route, or as I would suggest, go to other popular directions this time; namely toward Las Vegas or Arizona.

The Las Vegas route is very common from Crystal, as often the wind will be blowing from the southwest favoring this route. This direction has produced many diamonds over the years, way into Utah and beyond.

A visiting trip toward Vegas would only require going just past the Nevada state line; to Jean ( a glider port ). Anything further north from here for the most part are regular safe airports, and we as licensed pilots are well trained to land on them (I hope).

The Arizona route is a less seldom flown direction, usually early or late in the season. Usually it take us toward Parker Arizona but recently a few of us attempted going through Blythe as well.

At this point I would emphasize the Las Vegas route unless the majority feels otherwise.

Therefore; I would very much like some responses from all, as to a head count and or desire of direction.

Obviously the date would be up in the air as well, I would inattentively suggest Saturday January 9th 2016?

But at any case we should not want to do this once flying starts, as that is the time to start sharpening our flying skills.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving !

Peter Kovari