Last Saturday, Sean Eckstein had a fine X/C fight, soaring to Seligman, AZ.
Here is Sean’s report:
 Checked NOTAM’s, TFR’s and Weather, the Las Vegas to Arizona direction looked really good. The only concern was the possibility of a strong wind pushing out of the Cajon Pass and washing out the lift heading toward Apple Valley, which didn’t occur at the time I was in the area.
I really enjoyed this flight, as I pushed forward I was rewarded with another great climb. (I only got low once). McCullough Mountain east of Roach Dry Lake in Nevada provide a nice strong climb from 9k to above 16k, and it was still pulling as I left but I needed to keep gliding east.
 A thermal at Red Lake in Arizona allowed me to climb above 15k, which got me into the now higher ground and on course for a long glide to Seligman airport. I used Hualapi airstrip as my first alternate, but as it turned out I found patches of steady lift just flying straight on course. That allowed me time to really enjoy the scenery.
 I reach Seligman but I needed more altitude to continue to Williams, the clouds east of Seligman took me back to 14k which was more than I needed, but the day was getting late and why not enjoy one last climb before landing 1 hour before sunset.
 A big thank you to Gus McCarthy for crewing for me, a Glasflügel H-301 Libelle owner that already knew the route.