Our solo artist this past week was Nic Nicholson.  Congratulations Nic!  Now comes the FUN part.

With the Vernal Equinox behind us, our days will keep growing longer while the sun sails ever higher across the sky.  Thermals will now become bigger, stronger and more numerous every day, soon reaching a full mile higher over the desert.

Light winds and mild temps are forecast for the coming week, just about the nicest time of year to be outside looking UP (or up there looking down…)


Big mountains or convoluted topography create unique currents of many kinds.  Temperature differences can be extreme with high vertical relief, and radical steepness will amplify their influence.  Dark, warm cliffs facing a low sun might stand adjacent to shaded ice, spawning sharp, powerful convection.  Localized eddies converge and overlap downstream of every terrain feature like rapids in a river.  Meanwhile, rotors and/or wavelets big and small could overlie all this confusion, or also be embedded within it.  When several of these forces combine the lift can be breathtaking, but close to terrain the sink they produce is especially hazardous.  Such currents combining and colliding can create ferocious turbulence, and more complex topography means ever less certainty.  An amazing sweet spot could vanish in a moment.

Puchacz back online

Our Puchacz will be back on the flight line this week after some TLC in the shop, the Schweizer 2-32 is all set for giving double rides, and our two new ASK 21s will be shipping soon.   We’ll see them in the air in January!

World’s Newest 2-32:

We’ve acquired a pristine Schweizer 2-32 (the only glider ever built to carry three people) that was stored in a hangar for thirty years and had only 150 hours on it when we took possession.   Great for spin training (and wave), it’ll rent for $52 per hour.   Call or self-schedule for a checkout soon!   Also, don’t forget, when they forecast rain for LA it usually means good wave soaring up here at Crystal…