We hope you are all staying safe and healthy as we hunker down during this time of collectively staying home. We have received numerous e-mails and calls referring to the fact that flight schools may be exempt from having to stand down. Our position is that we at the Soaring Academy will not do anything that may contribute to the spread of this virus. When you hear the pleas from nurses and doctors on the front lines, begging us all to do our part and stay home-that’s what we’re going to do,  We encourage all of you to do the same!
We miss flying, we miss all of you and we miss just being at the airport! We’re working behind the scenes to educate ourselves, so that when we are able to reopen we will know exactly what protocols to enact, to keep everything and everyone safe!
Here’s what we’re recommending this week:
Book: Forever Flying: Fifty years of high flying adventures An autobiography by Bob Hoover
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So Soon the Monsoon?

Well, it’s the peak of our season and we’re seeing big developments of cumuli.   So far they’ve only served to mark the best lift, but these next few days may bring more…   Not to worry though, for even if we see an actual thunderstorm here at Crystal it normally only lasts a few minutes and brings in fresher air and some relief from the heat.   So, all in all it looks like a fine week to be outdoors!

Cloud Bases – and the number of SOLOs

Midsummer soaring conditions are prevailing now, in fact it appears our ‘monsoon’ period has arrived early.  Thursday brought the cloudiest day anyone around here can remember in many months, if not years.  (Even so, there was ample evidence of huge gray thermals pushing up into the ceiling…)

In other news, we had three pilots fly their first glider solos this past week:  Thomas Walther, Rob Thomas and Ralph Mulholland.  Congratulations guys!

FEEL the air, and THINK

Make a habit of continually scanning for every kind of information available, and you will find much vital detail you didn’t know to expect.   Some will be welcome and some will not, but discerning and analyzing ‘all available information’ is key to success.   By training yourself to THINK, continuously, incisively, and creatively, you can learn to perform little miracles, sometimes almost on demand!

Most soaring pilots put undue emphasis on their instruments instead of observing the much more useful information that’s everywhere, in the sky and on the ground.   Don’t stare at the vario, it LIES to you!   Yes, audio varios can be useful, but they mask the sound of the air, which itself is splendid information – and is pleasant rather than annoying.   A good soaring pilot will feel the air and visualize mental movies of its flow.