Arize & Abilitize!

SCSA is proud to announce that we’ll be at the Abilities Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center March 30th to April 1st.   We’ll be represented by CFI Bill Joys,our chief tow pilot Steve De La Cruz, and Kevin Mather, our first student to solo with hand rudder controls.   For more information about the expo, please see  (We’ll be in booth 447, which is close to the obstacle course on the floor plan.)


 …Which is to say PERFORM them.   Don’t just say the words, physically check each item on every launch and every landing, as if your future depends on it – because it does!   Then, if there is any delay or interruption, do it again.




Weather Or Not

Clouds and possible precipitation are forecast for this coming weekend.  Normally, that means south winds and wave – but this system is coming from the west…  Turns out we often get wave from the west as well, so come on out, enjoy that beautiful snow on the mountain tops, and see what happens!

View From The Top

     Last Saturday, Mike Koerner soared diamond distance (as usual) to Hurricane, Utah.

     Check out this kool photo of Mike Reagan in his SparrowHawk, taken by a hiker from the top of Mt. Baden Powell: