Expect uninterrupted sun throughout the coming week, temps around 60.  If you’re coming on Friday or Saturday, don’t bet against fine spring thermals along the Second Ridge, fattening ridiculously at the Work Camp.  Sunday’s numbers may not look like much, but given the location and time of year, it might be a surprise winner.
We’re due for an explosive springlike boomer any day now, as convective potential germinates, and shearlines will begin to form in the usual places, but they’re always blue at first and you have to find them…


Think how lucky we are to be not most other places in the U.S. this week! Springlike WX has taken over in these parts, with occasional cumulus in all the right places, around 8000 feet above sea level. Last weekend, one certifiable old-timer stayed up for two hours while others (maybe not quite so old) lamented that there “wasn’t much” lift.. .

The coming weekend will be ‘chilly’ but far from arctic such as Texas, for example. Expect windy afternoons and still more lift of the character-building variety, but coming sometime very soon, soarable thermals every single day.

BYE BYE 2020

If ever we needed a new year!  Shan’t be long now.  On Saturday, Dec 19, look for warming to 60 and a very lite northerly.  Scant lift but perfect flying weather.

After that, We’ll be closed Sunday the 20th, and on hiatus from then till mid January, exact date TBD.  In the meantime, encourage everyone you see to WEAR A MASK.  Ho ho ho…


This coming week will feature the shortest days of our soaring season, with the solstice coming a week later, and by the time we reopen in January our days will already be several minutes longer. Expect a seasonably cool westerly breeze this weekend, and more than a little variable non-cumulus cloud cover. Looking for lift? May as well try the Work Camp…
We’ll be closed Sunday December 20th until mid January (date TBD). Gift Certificates for the holiday’s are still available.
To schedule a lesson for post January 15th: Check availability first for Fri/Sat/Sun (if you have a Schedule Pointe account) then e-mail us your reservation request.
Please bring a mask and your own water!
Stay safe and be well!
The Soaring Academy Crew