We need your help! Over the next few weeks we’ll be fundraising for our Warriors SOAR program. Our Giving Tuesday goal (Dec.1st) is $50,000, which will allow us to continue our missions and provide 200 veterans a soaring flight in 2021. Southern California Soaring Academy is a 501c3 non profit organization, which makes your donations tax deductible.

Weather? Not much this week. Looks like cloudy Friday and less so for the weekend. Highs in the sixties, with a northerly breeze that, if it gets strong aloft might provide a winter favorite, bow wave… (And aren’t those mountains beautiful with all that snow?)


First, we honor our countries veterans for their service, not just this day but all the time!
Now for another week of sunny weather. Expect chilly mornings and breezy afternoons, with your best bet for lift at any particular time being the trusty work camp. More a no-brainer than a stroke of genius — or maybe a bit of both…


The coming weekend will feature something unusual here in the desert: cloudy skies and even a chance of some rain on Sunday. (Almost always less of that than they forecast!) Robust late season thermal activity will give way to wave potential, and of course the usual south crosswind.


We often say that thermals are pretty much guaranteed at Crystal every single day between mid-March and mid-October. (That’s seven months!) Well mid-October is now behind us, and sure enough, we can expect cooler WX and a much better chance of WAVE than thermal activity this coming weekend.
Except for one brief spell, we’ve seen many weeks of entirely cloudless skies out here in the desert, but the coming week will bring a bit of “partly to mostly”, and on Monday even the chance of a shower…