We are planning to reopen Saturday May 16th, for instruction, glider rental and private tows. In preparation for this we’ll soon be conducting flight ops amongst our instructors and tow pilots, for the purpose of getting our flight and line crew current and implementing new safety procedures.

If you’d like to schedule an upcoming lesson or book a glider rental and you have a Schedule Pointe account, for the present time and until further notice, you must e-mail us at the office to arrange your reservation. If you’re already scheduled and you’ve received an e-mail confirmation from us personally (not just schedule pointe), your upcoming reservation is good to go. If you’ve scheduled online recently and you haven’t e-mailed us to request this reservation, you must send us an e-mail giving us the date/time. Please include the day/date and requested time and include your cell number. When we confirm with you we’ll be providing you with our new safety procedures. Be prepared to bring a mask, and your own food and water. We look forward to seeing you at the field!

Stay safe, healthy and in good spirits,
The Soaring Academy Crew

Click here to e-mail us      office@soaringacademy.org


Well, time keeps flying, even when all of us don’t.  Tomorrow is Mayday, with all that implies, plus this year quite a lot more than the usual.  No one is perfectly happy with this state of affairs, but all we can do right now is our very best, and that includes exercising patience in the face of ongoing uncertainty.  This national (really global) emergency has a way of bringing out both the best and the worst in folks, and each of us can contribute to tipping that balance…  Which way do YOU want to push it?
Please reply to us at:  office@soaringacademy.org
Wishing you more good health and even better spirits,
Chris and Julie, and all the crew at SCSA


It’s been 37 days and some odd hours since we’ve been closed due to the pandemic. We’d very much like to hear from everybody. How are you doing? What have you been up to? Please send us any of your cool photos or brief video (30 seconds or less) from flying or video of what you’re currently up to, or a brief video clip telling us how you’re doing, that we may use on our social media. Or not. We still want to hear from you, to know how you are!

Please reply to us at: office@soaringacademy.org

Wishing you good health and good spirits,
Chris and Julie, and all the crew at SCSA


During this time of collectively staying home many of us are spending time cleaning and reorganizing our storage areas, garages and closets. For those of you who’ve done some purging, please keep our friends at the Warrior Built Foundation in mind. If you’re in Southern California and are looking to give away items that you no longer need or want, you can drop off your items and they’ll be purposefully re-purposed. Warrior Built Foundation serves combat veterans. They are also a partner/participant for our Warriors SOAR Glider Program. To coordinate a drop off please contact Aaron Seibert directly at: aqseibert@yahoo.com    {this URL and the ones in blue below are not recognized by our software, but you can copy & paste for a live link.}
We look forward to re-starting our veterans and STEM programs after we re-open.

For something special this week check this out: https://www.zermatt.ch/en/hope

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Wishing you all good health AND good spirits!

See you soon!