We hope you are all staying safe and healthy as we hunker down during this time of collectively staying home. We have received numerous e-mails and calls referring to the fact that flight schools may be exempt from having to stand down. Our position is that we at the Soaring Academy will not do anything that may contribute to the spread of this virus. When you hear the pleas from nurses and doctors on the front lines, begging us all to do our part and stay home-that’s what we’re going to do,  We encourage all of you to do the same!
We miss flying, we miss all of you and we miss just being at the airport! We’re working behind the scenes to educate ourselves, so that when we are able to reopen we will know exactly what protocols to enact, to keep everything and everyone safe!
Here’s what we’re recommending this week:
Book: Forever Flying: Fifty years of high flying adventures An autobiography by Bob Hoover
You can purchase this new on Amazon for $10.99
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