Just a reminder, we’re currently open Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It’s been a pleasure to see so many of you knocking off the rust and working on ratings, over the past few weeks. We are very grateful to be back at work, helping you reach your goals. It is really good to be busy!
If you’d like to schedule an upcoming lesson or book a glider rental and you have a Schedule Pointe account, until further notice, please check availability on Schedule Pointe first (for Fri/Sat/Sun) and then e-mail us your reservation request. If you don’t have a Schedule Pointe account, please e-mail us date options for your reservation. Please include your cell number. Do not schedule reservations yourself, until further notice.
When we confirm with you, you’ll receive our new mitigation procedures. We look forward to seeing you at the field!
These are the longest days of the year, with the highest sun exposure, even on north slopes. So not only should all the usual sweet spots be working, for the next month or so everything should be working. One more reason why Crystal’s the best!
Stay safe and healthy and wishing you good spirits,
The Soaring Academy Crew