We are planning to reopen Saturday May 16th, for instruction, glider rental and private tows. In preparation for this we’ll soon be conducting flight ops amongst our instructors and tow pilots, for the purpose of getting our flight and line crew current and implementing new safety procedures.

If you’d like to schedule an upcoming lesson or book a glider rental and you have a Schedule Pointe account, for the present time and until further notice, you must e-mail us at the office to arrange your reservation. If you’re already scheduled and you’ve received an e-mail confirmation from us personally (not just schedule pointe), your upcoming reservation is good to go. If you’ve scheduled online recently and you haven’t e-mailed us to request this reservation, you must send us an e-mail giving us the date/time. Please include the day/date and requested time and include your cell number. When we confirm with you we’ll be providing you with our new safety procedures. Be prepared to bring a mask, and your own food and water. We look forward to seeing you at the field!

Stay safe, healthy and in good spirits,
The Soaring Academy Crew

Click here to e-mail us      office@soaringacademy.org