Soaring is a sport, and no one expects to win every time.  That means sometimes you lose.  In championship events each competitor is so skilled, often the loser falls short because of some itty bitty shortcoming the winner eluded – that or just some tough luck.  (But then, well before next season the silver medalist is back out there working on that pesky flaw, because there’s no better way to improve one’s luck…)

So if runners-up can mistakes, we can too.  Lot’s of them actually.  That’s the way it is.  We need to recognize our limitations and vulnerability, and make decisions that will always turn out okay even if they’re mistaken.  And we can’t be sure of that unless we consider the potential ramifications of each decision – in advance.  Whether we do this or let the glider go wherever it wants, either way the consequences are ours to absorb, like it or not.  So think objectively beforehand and then act with certain purpose, such that even failure will afford a welcome lesson learned!  Anything else is abdication of control and responsibility.