One of the most common errors we see, especially among people new to landing gliders, is flairing a bit soon or a bit too much, and then pushing over to complete the descent before…   Before what?  Before they drift off into low earth orbit?  If you’re, say five feet above the surface with more than a half mile of runway ahead, there is no possibility you’ll glide beyond the far end, so just hold the fuselage LEVEL and wait for gravity to do what it’s always doing.  Or what if you let your airspeed (PITCH) wander and realize you’ve gotten slow?  Five feet of altitude, more or less, is way too low to worry about that.  Again, just hold the fuselage level while gravity does the work.  Some folks seem to have an irresistable urge to jerk their hands just prior to landing, but that’s the opposite of what’s needed.  STEADINESS is the key to successfully docking your lightweight craft with massive and immovable object we call Earth.