Great lift and excellent soaring forecast through the holiday. The monsoonal moisture will be persistent throughout the period. I would classify this weekend as very good lift to good heights but likely unsettled and bumpy in the afternoons while still being excellent soaring conditions. Shearlines will develop each day with Sunday likely having more pronounced lines of convergence/lift. Not much change across our weekend. Each day we’ll see about the same conditions and temperatures and winds of about 10 knots or so out of the Southwest. Sunday will be a bit drier and a few degrees cooler as a system pushes out the monsoonal airmass. Perfect!

Ignore the local weather forecasters predicting T-Storms in our area. It rarely happens. There is a slight chance we will have a downpour but historically these events occur far to our east and to the Northwest. The skies will put on a show with massive Anvil shaped CuNim’s to the east rising over 30,000 feet each day as the tropical moisture cooks off in Vegas and Palm Springs areas. If we do get some overdevelopment in our area, keep alert and make sure you are back on the ground and tied down long before the storm threatens the field and you are forced to land at an alternate (Nichols, Brian Ranch etc.). When we do get the rare downpour it is usually accompanied by very strong downdrafts.


The National Weather Service is predicting the following local surface conditions for Friday through Monday:

Sunny and HOT, Temperature: 98 degrees. Chance of T-Storms.
Wind: Southwest 5-15 mph.

Sunny, Temperature: 92 degrees. Chance of T-Storms.
Wind: Southwest 5-15 mph.

Sunny, Temperature: 96 degrees.
Wind: Southwest 5-15 mph.

Sunny, Temperature: 93 degrees.
Wind: Southwest 5-15 mph.