First, belated congratulations to Katie Hetland and Christian Roche, who passed their glider check rides in the last couple of weeks. Just in time for summer — if summer ever comes.

Now about that, have you noticed how unseasonably cold and windy our local weather has been for late May? Turns out it’s the aftermath of a (heretofore) unique occurrence that was accurately foreseen more than a week in advance. It’s complicated of course, but earlier this month scientists monitoring the historic disappearance of Arctic ice predicted that a current heat wave up there, on top of yet another early melt season, would cause chain reactions in the upper atmosphere causing what we see now at this latitude (us ending up with the Arctic’s air, more or less, and it ending up with ours). They were right again, surprise surprise. Coincidentally, this week The Guardian, a world-wide British newspaper, announced it will no longer emphasize ‘climate change’ in its reporting. For the sake of accuracy, and to keep pace with accelerating events, they’ll use a more appropriate term, ‘climate crisis’, going forward. Maybe they’re trying to tell us something.

No worries, everything is cyclic. If we don’t get the message and do lose the Arctic, we’ll only need to wait another ten thousand years or so until it comes back…