Southern California Soaring Academy, Glider Flight School, The Best Soaring Site in Los Angeles County

Southern California Soaring Academy, Glider Flight School, The best soaring site in Los Angeles County

The best soaring site in Los Angeles County

Fri. Sat. Sun.    9am-5pm    Book a ride: 866.945.0240

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SCSA is a full service gliderport providing services for new students, licensed pilots, and private sailplane owners.


First 1,500 feet $48
Additional 1,000 feet $24
Emergency tow release practice below 800 feet $30 each


Per Tach Hour $300



Instruction *

Ground $60/hr
Flight $60/hr
Safety Pilot (for uninsured pilots) $48/hr

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Rental *

Single Place Glider:

Grob 102 $55/hr
Grob 102 Astir $55/hr

Two Place Glider:

Schleicher ASK 21 #1 $80/hr
Schleicher ASK 21 #2 $80/hr
Schleicher ASK 21 #3 $80/hr
Schleicher ASG-32mi Pure Glider $125/hr
DG-505 $105/hr
Schweizer 2-32 $60/hr


Parachute $10 per day
Handheld Aviation Radio $ 5 per day

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Pawnee Tow Plane

"White Tow"

Pawnee Tow Plane

  "Blue Tow"

Pawnee Tow Plane

"Red Tow"

Pawnee Tow Plane

Super Cub 180
" "

Schleicher ASG 32mi

Schleicher ASG 32mi
Two Place Glider

Schleicher ASK 21

Schleicher ASK 21
Two Place Glider

Schleicher ASK 21

Schleicher ASK 21
Two Place Glider

Schleicher ASK 21

Schleicher ASK 21
Two Place Glider


Two Place Glider


Schweizer 2-32
Three Place Glider 

Grob 102

Grob 102
Single Place Glider

Grob 102 Astir

Grob 102 Astir
Single Place Glider


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* Cancellation Policy

All reservations canceled within 24 hours of the scheduled time may result in a cancellation fee of up to one hour for both Glider and Instructor.


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SCSA Takeoff

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We carry the following merchandise for sale in our office.

Flight & Training materials

Flight Training Manual $30
Logbook $10
O2 Cannula $10


T-Shirt - Long Sleeve $25
T-Shirt - Short Sleeve - Men & Women $25
Bucket Hats $25
Baseball Hats $25

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Glider - Assembled  $50/month
Glider - Trailer $40/month

Oxygen Fill

Per O2 Bottle $30/bottle

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Airfield Standard Operating Procedures

Our ASOPs have been developed to help provide a safe, efficient, and friendly environment for glider pilots, students, and ride customers.

All pilots are expected to abide by these ASOPs, airport rules, and the FARs.

SOP SCSA will refuse to provide services to pilots who do not follow these procedures. Pilots are expected to sign "in the office" and abide by the SOPs for the current year.

Download the full ASOP PDF document:   SCSA-SOP.PDF Download SOP PDF


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Flying In

Crystalaire is a private airport. Before flying in, you must provide proof of insurance and obtain permission. 

You can email a copy of your insurance to: Karon at: Call 661-944-1231 and ask for Karon with any questions you may have regarding e-mailing your aircraft insurance.

Use these links to get more information about Crystalaire Airport, airport identifier: 46CN

  • See Airport Standard Operating Procedures above.
  • - this link should take you directly to the 46CN, Crystalaire Airport information, called Crystal Airport on the AirNav website.
  • - Once on the SkyVector page, type 46CN in the "Location Lookup" box.

The airport is located on the Los Angeles sectional at 34° 29' N, 117° 49' W.  We are 43.5 nautical miles out on the 27° radial from LAX.

Crystal has a 2,600' paved runway, with approximately 1,000' of extra usable dirt runway at each end.

The runway is oriented approximately East-West (7 and 25), and is at an elevation of 3420' above sea level.  Be aware that there are power lines along 165th St., at the West end of the runway.

Crystalaire Runway

Crystalaire Runway

The power traffic patterns are to the South of the runways, with a right pattern for runway 7, and a left pattern for runway 25.  Gliders fly their patterns to the North, with a left pattern for 7 and a right pattern for 25.

Pilots are requested to announce their position on the airport frequency of 123.00 when arriving within three miles of the airport, when entering the pattern, and when turning downwind and base.

Gliders and Gliders on Tow have the right of way.


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