Hope this e-mail finds you all doing well!

We’re still scheduling through e-mail, so please check availability on Schedule Pointe first (for Fri/Sat/Sun) then e-mail us your reservation request. If you don’t have a Schedule Pointe account, please e-mail us date options for your reservation. Include your cell number. Do not schedule reservations yourself, until further notice.

When we confirm with you, you’ll receive our mitigation procedures. We look forward to seeing you at the field!

Expect more standard stuff this week, weatherwise. Last time we said “not too hot” and that didn’t work out. So this time, when the forecast says highs around 80, we’ll call for high 90s as usual. Thermals maybe higher on Saturday, and beyond that who knows?

Stay safe and healthy and wishing you good spirits,
The Soaring Academy Crew